BBQ Grills (Built-In or Freestanding Models)

Click on a brand's logo below to see the products available from that company.  And also read our notes below to help you select your next gas grill!!  It's easy to buy from us, but we DO need some information from you to help us guide you to a grill brand (and size) that we think would work well for you.
Most of the Brands below are RESIDENTIAL-quality products, meaning that the bbq's (or grills) are designed and built primarily for the home.  Most brands come in built-in style or cart-model (freestanding) style, and most have an inexpensive stainless steel tube-type burner.  The benefit of stainless is that you can increase (or decrease) the heat very quickly - something that is difficult to do when you have brass or cast iron burners. We consider brands like AOG, Blaze Premier and PGS A-Series Residential Grills.  Also, the AOG and PGS A-Series grills have optional pedestals, so if you want to replace an existing pedestal grill, these may be your answer!
Some brands are made with better materials, or thicker stainless, and have higher heat.  Brands such as DCS, PGS Stainless, Solaire and Luxor are the better products for your home, and ALL feature stainless burners.  We consider these HIGH-END RESIDENTIAL products. Of these four brands, PGS grills are better for the salt air, as their stainless is made to better withstand the salty air of the beach (Not like we have a beach here, but...) and some PGS stainless grills come with built-in timers which have been certified for commercial use!  Also, if you're replacing grills like Vintage and Alfresco (which, in our opinion, are not of good quality), then the PGS and Luxor products fit many of these openings.
Lastly, the "Top" brands are FireMagic and Blaze Professional.  These grills simply are the best in the industry.  Many feature cast stainless burner systems and all feature high-flow valves that simply offer a higher flow of btu's per hour in their burners. Also, they're built with commercial-quality components and will most-likely outlast you. :)  These brands are considered COMMERCIAL-QUALITY GRILL products.
Pick a quality grill and you'll be happy! Whether it's a Residential, or High-End Residential, or even the Commercial-Quality products, when you buy from Desert Fireplaces & BBQ's, you will be buying the best there is to offer!
(Note: We are not an authorized Hestan,Alfresco, Twin Eagles or Lynx dealer, but we can get parts for these machines.)