BBQ Islands

We use a local builder that has supported us for over 16 years and his prices are fair.  He builds metal islands (pre-fabricated) which have worked extremely well.  If you need a masonry island built, we have local (licensed) contractors that we can recommend to you based on our clients' experiences. Recommendation... not a Referral.  :) (Legal speak... :)
For metal islands, you can choose a COOKING STATION which means that it has no overhangs for people to sit around, or an ENTERTAINMENT ISLAND which means there are places for people to sit and eat at the island.
In addition to this, you can choose a FREESTANDING island which is not attached to any structure, or an ATTACHED island which would be attached to a home, garage, wall, etc.
Pricing is currently $350 per linear foot (lf.), and this includes a $4 per sq. ft. tile allowance for porcelain or ceramic 'heat rated' field tile.  6" x 6", 8" x 8", up to 12" x 12".  If you select tile that is more expensive than this, you simply pay the difference.  Also please note that if you choose bullnose, chair rail, a granite or marble, etc., then the island people will need to quote this upon knowing the selection of tile.  Also, if you wanted Diamond Tiles, Rounded Corners, Smooth Sante-Fe type Stucco, diagonal field tile with a border, etc., these things will be quoted additionally.  Lastly, they have a run-around fee and delivery fee for each island. 
For an Example, a 6' island, standard tile, stucco, grout, paint color... delivered... net price to them... is $2,750.00 .  This does not include any components, but does include the island, material, labor, any taxes on materials, delivery, leveling... it's all included.  Including the cut-outs for your outdoor products!!!